My Proven 5-Step Process Will Heal That Stress... & Bring You the Sweet Life You Deserve

Often, what makes our life difficult...

...comes from a trauma response to something that happened to us while we were children. 

Parts of our brain still want to protect us from overwhelming feelings we couldn't handle then

These parts have no idea we are a grown-up now and that it’s safe for us to process the grief, fear and anger from what happened.

Not only can these brain parts make us anxious or depressed...

They can also subconsciously block us from the life we want—in relationships, work, finances or even our health.

They do this to “protect” us from these emotions. 

But what if you could use the tension these emotions cause in your body—as a way to free yourself from their power?

That’s exactly what my gentle 5-Step Trauma Detox Process does.

It uses the emotional tension in your body—combined with gentle visualizations and simple techniques from hypnosis—to heal the hurt places inside you. 

As you heal these places, the difficult parts of your life automatically get better. 

With my 5-Step Trauma Detox Process, you don’t even need to remember or think about the details of what happened to you. 

So you won’t be overwhelmed or traumatized by emotions you can’t handle when you use it.


“It was really awesome. Very unexpected. It was so much lighter than I expected it to be. And I was grateful that it wasn't something heavy.”  

Presence Tarika Brandt
Los Angeles, CA
My process consistently gets “off-the-chart” results for my clients—sometimes in just one practice session.

(You’ll see this in the behind-the-scenes look at my work with Mike—who permanently ended his fear of being touched—in half an hour.

And in the next 45 days, this tool can bring you more positive change than most people experience from a year’s worth of therapy.


"In three sessions with Mahesh I have gone further into resolving seemingly intractable problems than in twenty years of psychoanalysis.”  Mark L., San Francisco, CA
My 5-step process is nothing like the healing or psychological techniques you may have tried with your therapist or read about online. 

There’s no trying to change negative thoughts to positive ones;

No talking or journaling about difficult childhood events;

No screaming into pillows or hitting things;

And no gratitude practice or turning things over to the higher power of your choice.

Instead, you address the real obstacle to what you want...the leftover emotional and mental stress from childhood that still resides in your subconscious.
Once you use my 5-Step Trauma Detox Process to gently release this tension, your mind will become lighter and freer

You’ll find you are less stuck, less easily triggered, less anxious and even less depressed on a daily basis

The changes you want in your life begin to happen naturally, with a smaller effort and without relying mainly on your own willpower.

Hi, I’m Mahesh Grossman, a CCHt (certified clinical hypnotherapist) who's used somatic hypnotherapy to help 100s of my clients make life better by healing the childhood trauma that kept them from living how they wanted.

My training in psychological methods includes Internal Family Systems, EMDR, somatic psychology & psychodrama. 

Plus I have schooling in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & shamanic practices. 

I've been quoted on WebMd, Verywell Mind and Bustle as well as several other websites.

Most important of all, though, is that I have healed my own trauma and CPTSD using the same 5-Step Trauma Detox Process I will be teaching to you.  

So not only did I create it, but I know first-hand what a profound transformation it can bring you.

My clients tell me the 5-Step Trauma Detox Process is a beautiful thing to experience and that it creates AHA moments faster and more frequently than any therapy they’ve ever tried. 

Plus they say it’s easy to practice it on their own, at home. 

And because it’s so effective–I’ve created a program where you can learn this process for yourself.
Introducing: The Defy Trauma Course
The DEFY TRAUMA course is an online program that gives you my entire 5-Step Trauma Detox Process. 

This process helps you detoxify and repair your unhealed wounds from childhood so you can make your life work in the areas that matter the most to you.  

It consists of 24 power-packed videos, most of which are 6 -15 minutes in length. 

Every course video comes with a transcript. 

Plus there’s a worksheet for each step of the 5-Step Trauma Detox Process.

You can use these each time you practice, until you know this process so well you don’t need them. 

In addition, for every step there are three short case study videos, where you watch me perform that step with a client.

This makes it even easier for you to understand how to use this process for yourself. 
The DEFY TRAUMA course is for you if you’re dissatisfied with part of your life—especially if one or more of the following applies to you:

You’re dealing with chronic anxiety, depression or health issues. 

You feel triggered, upset, or angry more often than you’d like to. 

You can’t seem to make things work the way you want to in either your relationships, work, or finances. 

You avoid negative feelings by overeating, drinking or using other substances; or your life is unmanageable due to your sexual behavior, gambling, shopping, or addiction to love or a person. 

You feel like you’re not living up to your potential because you procrastinate so much, and it’s affecting your career or your home life. 

You find it impossible to say no and set boundaries. You constantly criticize yourself or assume people will think the worst of you. 

If even one of the sentences above is true for you, this course will be a godsend. 

And it doesn’t matter whether you currently remember any childhood wounds or not. 

The DEFY TRAUMA course will help you connect to just enough of what you need to know about your past—without overwhelming you. 

This course will also benefit you regardless of your experience (or lack thereof) with therapy. 

If you’re in therapy now, you can use it between sessions—and not only will it improve your life but it will make your therapy better, too. (You can also talk about this work with your therapist.)

If you've done therapy in the past, the DEFY TRAUMA course will help you more fully heal the childhood wounds you may not have finished in your previous therapy. It will also take your inner work to a whole new level. 

If you’ve never done therapy, the DEFY TRAUMA course is a great starting point for your self-healing journey. It’s will help you experience fast and profound life changes that make you more serene on the inside and more effective and capable in the world. 

However, the DEFY TRAUMA course is not for you if:

You have severe mental disorders like schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder or dissociative identity disorder (DID) 

You consistently feel dissociated from your body or you constantly experience derealization or depersonalization.  

You are the type of person who will be bothered by videos that aren’t nearly as perfect as the ones on HBO.

But, if none of the statements above describe you, the DEFY TRAUMA course will be an absolute game changer for you. 

It will help you continually improve your life in all the areas that matter to you.
Imagine what it will feel like to:

Enjoy lasting and satisfying relationships. You’ll pick appropriate people you can feel close to (and vice versa), who value you as much as you value them. Your existing relationships will also become more intimate. 

Be more satisfied with your work life. You won't second guess or self-sabotage yourself and you'll stop procrastinating. This will allow you to take on bigger challenges and earn more money

Break free of your addictive behaviors. You’ll become comfortable with your emotions and won’t push them down through overeating, using substances, or becoming compulsive around sex, shopping or gambling. 

Get out of bed able to handle the day ahead. Whether you wake up feeling good or have a sense of dread about moving forward, you’ll have tools you can use to feel comfortable and serene enough to move forward.

Enjoy greater self-esteem and confidence. Your negative self-talk will go away, leading to a deeper belief in yourself and an enlarged sense of your personal power. You'll be more confident, secure, and comfortable with life. 

Obviously, you can’t get all of these results at once. 

And the speed at which the changes happen may depend on how much unhealed material you still have from childhood. 

But your inner and outer worlds will transform for the better for any aspect you focus on—faster than you ever believed was possible.

Watch what Mike Samboy says about using my 5-Step process:



"Before I used these techniques, I was struggling with a lot of things that I didn't necessarily know were related. 

I was drinking a lot. I was eating a lot. I was not sleeping very well at all. And just a perpetual state of stress. 

But very soon after trying the techniques, I noticed that things started releasing from me. 

I wasn't as stressed. I stopped drinking. I have much better control over my cravings for food and I was sleeping a lot better.

I also received a promotion at work. 
I had a newfound ability to communicate my needs and I was able to set some boundaries. 

And I was unable to do that prior to doing the work in these techniques."

Mike Samboy, Castro Valley, CA
The Defy Trauma Process consistently gets results like this. 

And since I want you to have the same type of success Mike and my other clients have had, I have a special one-time offer for you.
For a Limited Time, As an Early Bird Special, You Can Have This Course for 50% Off 
While the techniques in this course are powerful enough to some day dominate the world ,  I'm just starting to build my army of supporters. 

So though it will soon be sold for $197… for a limited time I'm offering early adopters like you the chance to purchase the DEFY TRAUMA course at a special more-than-three-quarters-off discount price of $47. 

That’s a savings of $152 (or 76%)!

That means you'll receive the 24 course videos, plus the 15 case study videos, plus 7 other bonus videos (as well as transcripts and worksheets)...

...for less than half of what you'd pay for an hour of therapy anywhere in the country, even if you work with an unlicensed intern.

(And even though you’ll learn everything I teach my clients, it’s more than 80% off of what I currently charge for an hour with me!)

But this price is only available for a limited time, so take advantage of it right away.  

(And you can do it without worrying because the DEFY TRAUMA course comes with a 30-day, money back guarantee.)

Think of how much happier and confident you’ll be when free yourself from the leftover suffering you still carry from your unhealed wounds from childhood. 

Think of how awesome your life will be when you improve your relationships, work, finances, habits and even your self-love. 

To add the DEFY TRAUMA course to your order, click the button below.
Here's What People Say About the
Results They’ve Achieved With My 5-Step Process

"Hi, I'm Gavin and I've been working with these techniques. 

I had a lot of self-doubt, a lot of just negative thinking habits. 

It was very easy for me to get into a depressive mode where I would feel somehow good about beating up on myself, thinking about negative future possibilities and just feeling very thwarted. 

I started working with these techniques and it's very strange to find this sense of joyfulness, that is not just possible, but it seems more inherently me, more true to me, and more simple as well.

And just more full. 

So I'm very thankful, for these techniques."

Gavin Wittje, Madison, WI

"Hi, I'm Daniel. And I've been working with Mahesh's techniques and they've been really helpful. 

The more I went deeper into my feelings, the more I felt healed and much more sure of myself and confident when I'm under pressure. 

I highly recommend it."

Daniel Nezis, London, United Kingdom



"I was aware of difficult childhood experiences, but didn’t know how to heal from them until I learned the 5-Step Trauma Detox Process from this course. 

I also learned how to see & heal the effects of my trauma on my present-day romantic relationships. 

These methods continue to be an important part of my inner work.“

Nick Benz
Portland, OR


"I was a diabetic who had to test four times a day & give myself shots 4x a day as well. 

Unfortunately, I had a fear of needles. I was also scared of pricking my finger to draw blood. 

I felt doomed. I didn’t follow my doctors’ instructions & ended up having uncontrollable diabetes. 

 By using the methods in this course, I was able to find the root cause of my fear & heal it, as well as to develop a plan that I immediately put to use to successfully test & take my shots."

Andrea B.
Phoenix, AZ



"These teachings helped me break free from emotional pain I'd been carrying since childhood & to change a behavior I'd been struggling with for a long time. 

I now have tools to deal with whatever difficulties show up in my life."

Chris Johnson
Garden Valley, CA
Plus, When You Buy the DEFY TRAUMA Course Today, You'll Get These FREE Bonuses:
Wait till you see what else I've got in store for you. These four bonuses make it even easier to transform your life!
Bonus #1: A Behind the Scenes Look at 3 Defy Trauma Sessions ($197 Value, Yours for Free)
Get a behind-the-scenes look as I take 3 clients through the entire 5-Step Trauma Detox Process.  

This speeds up your learning curve & makes it easier to heal  core wounds that stop you from having the life you want. 

These sneak peeks inside my trauma detox sessions will add to your skill... & motivate you to use these methods again & again.
Bonus #2: Daily Trauma Release Practice 
($49 Value, Yours for Free)
Clients call my Daily Trauma Release Practice “life-changing.” 

It’s a quick way to siphon off the leftover emotions from your past. 

Use it to free yourself from feeling upset, depressed, or anxious. 

The more you do it, the less often you’ll find you’re triggered by what happens to you.
Bonus #3: How to Muscle Test Your Emotions 
($49 Value, Yours for Free)
Receive yes or no answers from your subconscious mind through the muscles in your hands. y

This video workshop makes it even easier to get the answers you seek with the course.

Plus it will work anytime you want to gain a better understanding of what's going on with you underneath the surface.
Bonus #4: Update Your Inner Software 
($99 Value, Yours for Free)
Instantly take your inner life—and your outer life—to a higher level. 

How? Update the inner software that may have kept you safe as a child, but doesn't serve you now. 

This hypnosis process is a real eye-opener & will bring about big changes.  You'll love the new you.
Let Me Take All the Risk with My 30 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee
Try the DEFY TRAUMA course & decide if it's for you. 

If it's not, reply to our emails or email us at: 

We will pay you back every penny.

You can even keep the videos and worksheets from the program on our dime.
  • 1. How do I know it’s safe for me to do this work... and that I won’t be re-traumatized?
    As mentioned above, this work is about releasing the leftover emotional energy that’s still in your body now, and not the story of what happened. So you won’t actually spend time thinking about or re-experiencing those events.

    The work is to release that pain and the negative self-beliefs that came about because of what happened. That’s a right-now activity, and a far cry from attempting to relive them.

    This is completely safe and both faster and a more effective way to heal the real problem, which is in the pain you carry in the present.
  • 2. Will the DEFY TRAUMA course help me if I don’t think I have trauma - but I know certain areas of my life don’t work?
    Some people may be put off by the word trauma because they think that it has to involve abuse or neglect-- but that’s not what I mean by trauma here. To me, any wound from childhood that still affects us as adults is a trauma we need to detox from our systems. Trauma could be as simple as needing to get good grades in order to get the attention we crave from our parents - or feeling like we’re the parent instead of the child in our relationship with our mom or dad.
    Everyone has something like that!
    And if there’s a pattern in our relationships, work, finances, health or habits that always messes us up, the cause is always a childhood wound, whether we are aware of it or not. Whether you call it trauma or not is up to you.
  • 3. How long do I have access to the course videos for?
    You can have them forever—they are downloadable.
To Sum Up, Here’s Everything You Get When
You Invest in the DEFY TRAUMA course:

The DEFY TRAUMA course, which consists of 24 Videos (plus transcripts & worksheets for each module) Value: $399 

15 Case Study Videos (3 for each of 5 steps) Value: $149 

A Behind the Scenes Look at 3 Defy Trauma Sessions Value: $199 

 A Daily Trauma Release Practice Value: $49 

 How to Muscle Test Your Emotions Value: $49 

 Update Your Inner Software Value: $99 

Total Value $944. Yours Today for Just $47
The DEFY TRAUMA course will provide you with a process you can use for the rest of your life. 

It will work whenever you feel triggered, self-critical, anxious or depressed. 

This process will bring back your natural self-worth, sense of safety, confidence and ambition... to where they were before any difficulties happened to you. 

And it will deliver you the satisfaction you deserve in the areas of your life that are currently disappointing you. 

My clients have spent $4000 or more to learn the same method I’ll be teaching you in this program for 98% less than that. 

Any other course with this many videos and bonuses sells for $500 to $1000. 

But with this one-time offer—for just the next 24 hours —you'll get access to the DEFY TRAUMA course for less than half its normal $99 cost—with your earlybird discount price of just $99 $47. 

It’s priced so low because I want it to get into as many hands as possible. 

Imagine what it will feel like when your friends mention that YOU seem happier... 

...That you seem more confident and grounded than you ever were before. 

Or that they love how well your relationship is working or that you’re more fulfilled at work. 

And you’ll just smile to yourself, because you’ll know it’s true. 

So, please take advantage of these savings. 

As I've mentioned, this lowest price is only available for a limited time.

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